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ULTRA_TREND indicator

ULTRA_TREND indicator - is the most modern, effective and universal tool for technical analysis. ULTRA_TREND can be used for monitoring trends, range market, defining the most expected state. This indicator different from other similar tools, its main feature is its speed and quality noise filtration. With ULTRA_TREND indicator you wont need anymore old systems like ADX, Stohastic, MovingAverage. We use this indicator to define the trend, and support/resistance. Also with our indicator it is easy to define the markets nature and its actions. You can develop highly profitable, low-risk trading systems based on ULTRA_TREND.

With our indicator you can:

  • Define trends type;
  • Define trends power;
  • Defining support/resistance;
  • This indicator can be used as a stochastic oscillator;
  • With the indicators indications you can see Eliots waves and count Fibannochi levels;
  • And much more; youll find everything you need in the indicators features.

More info about the indicator [English]

Download ULTRA_TRENDs manual [English]

Download ULTRA_TRENDs manual [Russian]

Indicator for MetaTrader 4
Indicator for MetaStock

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